Schools today: ICT current trends – INTERACTIVE WHITE BOARDS

When you go into almost every school today, the main difference that you will notice, even if you compare it to  a classroom from 10 years ago is how ICT has integrated into teacher pedagogy and that the chalkboard is now practically non-existent! so what has replaced a classroom staple with? an interactive whiteboard!

so if you haven’t been in a classroom in a primary school classroom in the last five-ten years or you don’t know a young child in school, then you probably don’t have an idea what an interactive whiteboard (or IWB) is… here are a couple of points:

  • IWB is a large interactive display that is connected to a teacher’s laptop and a projector. What is displayed on the computer is projected on to the whiteboard and the students are able to navigate through the pages, links, presentations and games through the use of a stylus pen or their own fingers
  • it’s usually mounted on the wall at the students height so that the learning is driven by the students and they are able to engage and interact it
  • it is connected to the internet this is important because the students in the class can be a part of a wider global classroom, interact with students from around the world and learn from each other
  • information is readily available and at the fingertips of the students and teachers – so for example, if students were earning about art history, it would almost geographically impossible for primary school students in Australia to visit the Louvre in Paris or go to Outer space. But with an interactive whiteboard, these places can be brought into the classroom. It is more dynamic than a looking at pictures in a textbook and therefore will lead into more in depth learning.

the best thing about interactive whiteboards is that fact that it is so engaging and allows the students to be involved in their learning

it is also very fun! you can use learning objects and games for educational purposes and for enjoyment!

I love the PBS site and you can you the games on your interactive whiteboard.

Click on the link for an example of a learning object! this one helps students relate words to the object that the letters are representing!


Critical review:

I love using interactive whiteboards in my lessons as I was lucky enough to be in a school last year that had some in the classroom. I was able to design games and interactive lessons and play videos for also every class that I taught and the kids really enjoyed these lessons. They were able to remember what they learnt because they were not just sitting there listening, they were involved and learnt from each other as well.

But to rely solely on the IWB is not enough. You as a teacher have to be able to teacher properly because just by having a presentation on the whiteboard does not cement into rich student learning. The student need opportunities to practice their skills at a real life level and at their pace that suits them and their needs. Also Interactive whiteboards are break down or not work as you have planned so an expert teacher always need to be flexible and prepared.

IWB are quite expensive and so teacher must instruct their students how to properly use them and take care of them. Lastly, teachers need to be taught how to use it to its full potential otherwise it will just gather dust on the wall.




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